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Led lights
Raix Lighting

LED Strip Lights.


Linear Suspension Light (RL-3360GS)

Model: 3360GS
Brand: Raix Lighting
Power: 36W


Linear Suspension Light (RL-10075B)

Model: 10075B Brand: Raix Lighting Power: 100W

Linear Suspension Light (RL-10075A)

Model: 7075A Brand: Raix Lighting Power: 100W

Linear Suspension Light (RL-7075B)

Model: 7075B Brand: Raix Lighting Power: 65W

Linear Suspension Light (RL-7075A)

Model: 7075A Brand: Raix Lighting Power: 65W

Linear Suspension Light (RL-5075C)

Model: 5075C Brand: Raix Lighting Power: 48W

Linear Suspension Light (RL-5075D)

Model: 5075D Brand: Raix Lighting Power: 48W

IP65 Led Tri-Proof Light (RL-622)

Model: RL-SF622-15M
Brand: Raix Lighting


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We’ve lit up homes and businesses across Britain, proving that every space, no matter how big or small, deserves to shine brightly.

LED Linear Lights

Sleek, elongated illumination solutions designed for modern spaces, providing uniform light across areas.

LED Strip Lights

Flexible, adhesive-backed lighting options perfect for accentuating contours, edges, and spaces with vibrant light.

LED Surface Panel Lights

Slim, stylish panels offering even and diffuse lighting, ideal for ceilings and walls in any setting.

LED Track Lights

Versatile, adjustable lights mounted on tracks, perfect for highlighting artworks, retail displays, or focal points.

LED Downlights

Compact, recessed fixtures that cast a direct, focused light downwards, suitable for ambient or task lighting.

Raix Crystal Bulb

Elegant bulbs encased in crystal, casting sparkling, diffused light, perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any space.

LED Tri-proof Lights

Durable, robust lighting solutions resistant to dust, water, and corrosion, ideal for harsh environments.

IP65 LED Downlights

Water-resistant, sealed lighting fixtures designed for wet locations, combining safety with luminosity.

LED Magnetic Track Lights

Innovative, easily adjustable lights that attach magnetically to tracks, allowing for creative and flexible lighting designs.

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Committed to Illuminating Our World with Efficient Lighting Solutions.

Raix Lighting stands as a beacon of luminous elegance in the UK’s vibrant lighting sector. Rooted in the rich traditions of British design, we’ve evolved to source top-quality lights and avant-garde designs from across the globe, bringing them directly to your doorstep. We believe that every space, no matter how big or small, deserves to shine brightly.


Not only do we provide top-tier lighting choices, but we also take pride in our expert fitting services, ensuring perfection in every installation.


With Raix Lighting, every customer is cherished. We promise an effortless shopping journey, guided by our dedicated team from selection to set-up.


With a vast collection catering to diverse tastes, we offer personalised lighting designs to illuminate spaces precisely as envisioned.


Our lights don't just illuminate spaces; they reflect our dedication to conscientiously sourced materials, prioritising both quality and ethics.

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